All your transport emissions with no effort - compliant and understandable.

NxtLog.Analytics only needs six data points to create an extensive emission report for your transport network. Hand over your start and end location, the freight weight transported, all available time stamps and your transport mode.

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Your journey from raw data to compliant emission reports

Our Analytics component focuses on taking as much uncleaned transport data from our customers as possible and transform these data points into standardized, cleaned and compliant emission data.
All formats and data types possible

NxtLog only needs start and end location, freight weight, transport mode and all available time stamps to create the first emissions reports. Our solution works carrier agnostic and therefore can work with all formats and data structures of different carriers and logistics players you are working with.

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High quality data without manual efforts

NxtLog scans your shared data and categorizes data error into missing and logical errors. Our algorithm tries to retrieve missing data from external APIs e.g. zipcodes, airport information, flight numbers, ARR dates and even aircraft types. Logical data, e.g. flights with 0 kg of freight weight are cleaned based on an extensive transport data base our partner DB Schenker provides to us as a service.

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Automated data enhancements with logistical information

NxtLog uses the existing API connections to enhance your transport data based on flight numbers, routes, shipment numbers and further identifiers. With these enhancements it is possible to extract exact time stamps of multi-leg aircraft transports or we can just ad UNLOCODEs, zipcodes and proper city names to your already shared location data.

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Compliant emission calculation with our partner Ecotransit

NxtLog collaborates with Ecotransit who is "the" gold standard for logistics emission calculation on the market. By cleaning and enhancing your product data before, we make sure to extract the most accurate calcuations from the Ecotransit engine.

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Multi-leg emission overview and compliant reporting

NxtLog seperates your emissions on pre-, main- and postcarrige and will even accurately split the emissions for multileg transports. We will offer an emission overview about emission classes of trucks, aircraft types, biofuel usage and even SO2, NOX and NHMC values. Compare yourself to others in your industry and understand where you are on your net-zero journey.

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Customer voices

Hear from our satisfied customers who have used our sustainable logistics recommendation engine to improve their transport networks and reduce their environmental impact.

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"I recently started exploring NxtLog's services to enhance the sustainability of my customer's transportation network. Their innovative solutions show promising potential in reducing emissions and streamlining logistics operations. The NxtLog team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to supporting their clients in their pursuit of sustainability. I believe their services could be valuable for organizations looking to make strides in their environmental efforts."

"I recently started using the services of NxtLog and I have been blown away by the impact they have had on our transportation network. Not only have they helped us track and reduce our emissions, but they have also introduced us to new, sustainable logistics products that have improved the efficiency of our operations."

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"I was skeptical at first about using a recommendation engine for my logistics, but after trying out your product, I was amazed at how much time and money it saved me. Not only that, but the sustainable transport options it recommended helped me reduce my company's carbon footprint. I'm now a loyal customer and would highly recommend your service to others in the industry."

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NxtLog in numbers
1.0 M
transport data sets analyzed

We already analyzed more than one million transport data sets for the top worldwide shippers.

CO2 reduction potential

On average, we find around 15% reduction potential in each transport network.

faster calculations

NxtLog calculates your transport emissions in less than 5 minutes, with no manual effort.

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