Why NxtLog?

Your solution to identify and lower emissions in transport networks.

Experience decades of logistics expertise at your fingertips with NxtLog. Effortlessly upload your existing transport data and generate certified reports. Our comprehensive, market-driven product portfolio empowers you to reduce emissions, optimize costs, and streamline lead times. Elevate your role as a sustainability-driven manufacturing leader, crafting the most eco-friendly transport network for your company.

Your operations will love these three easy features of NxtLog

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Your Sustainability Needs: Harness the power of NxtLog's three-pronged approach - Connect & Sync, Analyze & Report, and Reduce & Benchmark - for seamless integration, in-depth insights, and tailored recommendations, unlocking a greener and more efficient future for your business

Connect & Sync

Experience seamless data integration with NxtLog's Connect & Sync feature. Effortlessly link your ERP and TMS systems, allowing data to flow smoothly into our platform. We meticulously clean and prepare your data, ensuring accurate emission calculations on both transport and product levels, setting the foundation for informed decision-making.

Analyze & Report

Gain invaluable insights with NxtLog's Analyze & Report feature. Understand your emissions landscape, evaluate your performance, and generate compliant reports based on country-specific standards. Our platform empowers you to stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and demonstrate transparency to stakeholders and regulators.

Reduce & Benchmark

Elevate your sustainability strategy with NxtLog's Reduce & Benchmark feature. Compare your performance against industry peers and receive carefully vetted, tailor-made recommendations. Our platform automatically matches these suggestions to your transport network, simulating their impact on lead time, cost, and emissions, so you can confidently implement the most effective green solutions.

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