Case Study: Hager Group and NxtLog - A Data-Driven Approach to Sustainable Logistics Introduction

In an era where environmental sustainability is not just an option but a necessity, Hager Group has taken a monumental step forward. Collaborating with NxtLog, a leader in data analytics and emissions calculation, Hager Group aims to redefine the logistics and transportation sector. This case study explores the depth of this groundbreaking collaboration, emphasizing the strategies employed, the focus on data harmonization, and the intricacies of emissions reporting.

Objective of the Collaboration

The collaboration between Hager Group and NxtLog is designed to establish a new paradigm in the logistics and transportation industry. The primary objective is to harmonize, measure, and report emissions across all transportation modes and logistical suppliers. This approach aims for a carrier mode-agnostic solution, ensuring that emissions data is consistently accurate and comparable regardless of the transport method or supplier involved. By focusing on these key areas, the partnership is setting a new standard in emissions reporting, thereby aligning with global sustainability benchmarks.

Mission and Vision

Hager Group's mission extends beyond the realm of profitability, venturing into the critical area of environmental sustainability. Through this collaboration, Hager Group aims to leverage NxtLog's cutting-edge algorithms and data analytics to make informed, responsible decisions that align with international sustainability standards.


  1. Data Harmonization

Data harmonization stands as one of the most significant achievements of this collaboration. Hager Group, with technological backing from NxtLog, has successfully standardized data collection methods across various transport modes and carriers. This harmonization is crucial for enhancing the accuracy and reliability of emissions calculations, thereby setting a new industry standard.

  1. Emissions Calculation

The partnership between Hager Group and NxtLog has led to the development of a robust, comprehensive system for calculating emissions, across all transportation modes (air, ocean, truck and rail). This system incorporates a range of key performance indicators, including geography, transport mode, and value chain components. The result is a set of emissions reports that are not only accurate but also actionable, providing Hager Group with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

  1. Quarterly Emissions Reports

Hager Group receives in-depth quarterly emissions reports from NxtLog. These reports are a treasure trove of information, offering a detailed overview of current emissions, emissions change,, deep-dive on products, leading lanes, and benchmark comparisons against industry competitors. The reports are designed to equip Hager Group with actionable insights, all based on meticulously harmonized and calculated data.

  1. Recommendations and Future Steps

While the collaboration has already achieved significant milestones in data harmonization and emissions calculation, the journey doesn't end here. NxtLog continues to provide Hager Group with expert recommendations aimed at further enhancing the data collection and reporting processes. These recommendations are designed to pave the way for even more accurate and comprehensive emissions reporting in future quarters.

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