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Learn how industry leaders create visibility of their supply chain emissions with Nxtlog.

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Our customer success stories

Each case study provides a unique insight into the challenges faced by these companies, and how, with NxtLog's innovative tools and strategies, they were able to not only overcome these challenges but also significantly reduce their environmental impact and enhance their operational efficiency. Dive in to explore their journeys, and imagine what NxtLog could do for your business.

Case Study: Hager Group and NxtLog - A Data-Driven Approach to Sustainable Logistics Introduction

The ongoing collaboration between Hager Group and NxtLog serves as an exemplary model for the logistics and transportation sector. By focusing on data harmonization, precise emissions calculation and customized reporting, this partnership is setting new industry standards. As they continue to refine their methods and strategies, the emphasis remains on elevating the quality of emissions reporting, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

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